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We use LCN and Artistic Colour Gloss for all of our manicure and pedicure treatments,
pairing industry-leading products with our own award-winning services.

Manicure (Gel polish - Colour)£37.00
Manicure (Gel polish - French)£40.00
Application of Polish only£13.00
Express manicure (shape ‘n’ paint)£20.00
Hot Almond Oil Deluxe Gel Polish Colour Manicure£38.00
Hot Almond Oil Deluxe Gel Polish French Manicure£41.00
Hot Almond Oil Deluxe Manicure (no polish)£28.00
Hot Almond Oil Deluxe Colour Manicure (regular polish)£31.00
Hot Almond Oil Deluxe French Manicure (regular polish)£34.00
Manicure (no polish)£22.00
Manicure (French polish)£28.00
Manicure (with regular polish)£25.00
Paraffin Wax Deluxe Manicure Colour – Normal Polish£35.00
Paraffin Wax Deluxe Manicure French – Normal Polish£38.00
Paraffin wax only£47.00
Paraffin wax deluxe manicure£20.00